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Alfa Romeo 75 Twin Spark & 3-litre

Want better handling ? Need more performance ? Improved stopping power ? Service parts at prices you can afford ? Look no further, we are the 75 people !!!

Engine Parts for 4 and 6 cylinder


  • Gearbox rebuild parts including inner and outer syncros, bearings and oil seals. Gearbox mounts see news


  • complete Sachs unit for V-6 engines, 3-part Sachs for twin spark. All original maker at excellent prices.

Drive train


  • fit a CSC 'special' for long life, extra performance and deep note. A choice of round or oval large bore tail pipes and (for the twin spark) a 4-branch manifold transform the 75. More information--- go to V6 CSC page.

Service Parts

  • original oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, Golden Lodge plugs, all available from stock.


  • uprate braking by installing grooved/ventilated brake discs and steel flexi-hoses, Superalfa (Italian) brake pads. Make your 75 stop as well as it goes ! Go to BRAKES.


Special tuning

  • Colombo camshafts transform the 75 twin spark or 3-litre into an extremely fast saloon. Go to CAMSHAFTS page.



  • our suspension kit consists of a heavy duty front anti-roll bar (replaces the original) and rear springs. Koni Sport Shock absorbers and Superflex bush sets complete this conversion. Go to SUSPENSION page.
  • See Bilstein shocks


Check the news pages for the very latest parts information